Please make sure that you have read and understand the terms & conditions regarding this course.

  1. All course fees must be paid in full before the course date.
  2. Cancellations must be submitted to Level Up in writing by email, 10 working days before the course date. Cancellations received less than 10 working days before the course date will forfeit the course fee.
  3. Level Up’s liability will be limited to refunding the course fee only if the course is cancelled by Level Up for whatsoever reason.
  4. If a postponement of the course date is required, a written postponement request must be submitted to Level Up via email at least 7 days before the course date.
  5. A course confirmation will be sent via email 7 days before the course date.  If the confirmation email is not received, please contact Level Up prior to the course date.
  6. If you do not present yourself on the course date, the course fee will be forfeited. Medical certificates will be taken into account.
  7. Your course booking confirmation and ID must be presented on the course day.
  8. Lunchtime meals will be provided. Special dietary needs must be supplied in advance.
  9. The course will take place according to a strict timetable. Latecomers will not be accommodated with a recap of the training that was missed as this will cause a distraction to the other students.
  10. You must bring a laptop / Mac, power cable or any special plug outlets that may be required and mouse to the course.
  11. Please bring two pens, highlighter and notebook to the training course.
  12. Please ensure that your device is up to date and not slow to use as the course will take place according to a strict schedule.
  13.  No eating / cell phone usage / talking or any distracting behaviour during the course session.
  14. Please do not interrupt the training session. Time will be made after each section to answer any questions you may have.
  15. Photos will be taken on the course which may be used for marketing purposes.
  16. Level Up and its host (venue) will not be held responsible for injury to, or death of a participant nor the loss or damage of personal property.
  17. Level Up cannot be held responsible for the intellectual capacity of trainees. Should a trainee require more assistance after the course has been completed, re-enrolment to the course will be required. Refunds will not be provided.
  18.  No photos, videos or recordings of the training will be allowed.
  19. Training manuals and information pertaining to the course may not be distributed to third parties.
  20. Level Up has the right of admission.  Immediate dismissal for theft, disrespectful behaviour of any kind towards the facilitators or fellow trainees without refund.
  21. For this course you will be required to create a domain for your website as you will be working on a live website during the entire training course.  The cost of the hosting per month (for your domain) will depend on the packages of the hosting service provider (HSP) of your choice.  This fee will be for your own account.  Should you wish to cancel the domain after the training course has been completed, you will be required to contact the service provider.