Level Up was founded on the idea that entrepreneurship has the potential to liberate individuals out of employment in a country where the unemployment rate increases daily. The team at Level Up is truly committed to making a difference and helping people expand their skills and knowledge for the betterment of the financial crisis we observe around us in the current economic climate. Putting our heads together, we have developed a solution for a large target audience that could benefit greatly from our services.



With eleven year of experience in Graphic Design & eight years of Web Design (specifically WordPress), she truly is a creative force to be reckoned with. Her knowledge and experience allow her to analyse the desires and needs for your website and turn them into a reality. As an expert in her field, Leandri is able to incorporate your ideas with the corporate identity of your business in a classic, professional and artistic manner.


Christa has six years’ experience in Customer Services and two years’ experience in Human Resources and Marketing. Working closely with customers has allowed her to gain insight into what clients want and need. Her experience in Human Resources and Marketing has allowed her to gain an understanding of people from various perspectives as well as the
importance of a good marketing strategy for businesses.